Solids control
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Existing ecological requirements and recent amendments to RoK legislation ban use of burn pits for holding wastes generated from oil and gas wells drilling.
Operator may derive the best cost benefits from reducing volumes of generated wastes. Besides the costly items used during drilling are flushing and lubricant – coolant liquids while the big volume of such costly fluids is accidentally disposed of together with drilling cuttings and overflows from drilling mud treatment equipment. By having at a drilling site a QHSE – Akbarys drilling cuttings management system, Operator can deliver significant cost savings from reducing the volume of costly drilling mud, and also from decreasing volumes of wastes subject to disposal. The process flow designed by us allows optimizing the drilling mud treatment process and increasing a hole drilling rate and ultimately increasing the well construction performance.
The drilling cuttings management division employs skilled personnel capable of providing high quality consulting services and adapting the proposed drilling cuttings management and mud treatment system to fit the requirements of the specific project and drilling rig configuration: there is no doubt that such actions will add very significant economic value.