Monitoring of gas
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Principles & practices of gas testing, including the use of gas
testing equipment. These programmes are designed to meet the initial training and validation
Requirements for personnel preparing to work as Authorized Gas Testers (AGT) for a variety of products and work environments.

1. Gas monitoring notion
2. General provisions:
– Place of gas monitoring
3. Potentially hazardous substances
– Chemical characteristics
– Physical characteristics
– Toxic characteristics
4. Operating principles of electronic gas testing equipment.
– Gas testing equipment studying
– Definition of chemical and catalytic gas detecting types
– Area determination of gas detecting systems effect
– To define maximum allowable concentration according to RoK legislation and international standards
Safety measures during equipment maintenance and calibration
5. Legislative requirements according to All Union State Standard and metrological standards for instruments certification
6. Documentation procedure
7. Personal protective equipment
– Protective Breathing equipment
– Helmets, gloves, shoes, clothes etc.

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