H2S safety
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Oil & Gas Industry H2S Risk Management Services

We provide a broad range of H2S equipment and products, including breathing air systems, gas detection systems.

QHSE-Akbarys is continually working to deliver advanced technology and services that provide better risk mitigation and cost efficiency to our clients.

QHSE Akbarys employs the most proven, innovative, and reliable safety equipment. All equipment meets manufacturers’ testing specs, and is the most dependable in the industry.

On-Site Breathing Air Systems

  • Continuous design improvements to meet customer requirements
  • State-of-the-art design and functionality
  • Large inventory to meet all demands
  • Higher Pressure Systems require reduced numbers of cascade Cylinders
  • Wheeled portable Cascade Systems less handling, and crane work,
  • Air where the client needs it to be

CSE Support and Rescue / Fire Watch / On Site Assessments

  • Job specific training programs, reflecting onsite needs
  • H2S Supervisors trained to manage your personnel
  • Multi-task training for assignment flexibility’
  • Dedicated team for each turnaround
  • Locally recruited and trained personnel

On-Site Safety Equipment Quality Control Systems

  • Meeting manufacturers’ testing specs, in all cases
  • High user confidence, backed by documentation
  • Complete historical data on all safety equipment, approvals Bodies,
  • Efficient turnaround of equipment reduces inventory requirements
  • Equipment cleaned and tested faster for re-deployment
  • Stand-alone, mobile units to meet all site requirements

Equipment Tracking and Inventory Control

  • Supply, tracking and management of all safety equipment
  • Daily review of usage / requirement data available for future planning reference
  • Flexible in package content / Standby Rates, where ever possible
  • Consistent track record of reducing costs through proper inventory management

The importance of QHSE initiatives have created a demand for highly skilled, industrial Safety Technicians who can work directly with a company’s employees and contractors in order to ensure maximum risk reductions obtained from professional Risk & Hazard Analysis.

QHSE-Akbarys highly trained personnel and task specific safety equipment enable clients and their those representing the clients interest to engage in their work safely and efficiently, in compliance with regulatory and industry standards. The role of on-site H2S Technicians is to educate those on-site to potential safety hazards and the associated risks and to train them in the use of safe working systems utilizing breathing air, gas monitoring systems and other safety equipment. Achieving the shared objective, to prevent loss and where necessary prepare to quickly respond to prevent or mitigate the impact of any unplanned event.

Specialized safety equipment

  • Meets manufacturers’ testing specs, approving bodies certification requirements
  • High user confidence backed by thorough documentation
  • Maintained and Serviced by personnel with the training and the experience to do so
  • Historical data provided on all equipment

QHSE-Akbarys innovative, state-of-the-art safety technology.