HSE Policy
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We are a modern professional company of like-minded persons, united with the objective to gain recognition in the oil business and contribute to the development of the Oil Industry in Kazakhstan.

Providing services on Wellsite operations to protect personnel from hydrogen sulfide Risk management and Solids Control, we want to be a leader in the practice of environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

The company, implementing a quality management system ISO 9001, ST RK ISO 9001, aims to further enhance through the successful operation of an integrated management system of occupational safety and environmental protection in accordance with ISO 14001, ST RK ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, OHSAS ST RK 18001.

We strive to expand production, to strengthen the market position, to conquer new horizons with the core values of:

  •       Ensuring the safe operation of employees, customers and others
  •       Health protection and cultivation of healthy lifestyle
  •       Protecting the environment
  •       Delivering quality service
  •       Continuous progress and self improvement
  •       Development of each employee and the Company as a whole

Accomplishing these goals we strive through the taken commitments:

  •        implement all available measures to prevent accidents and mitigate their effects
  •        ensure compliance with legislation in the field of occupational health, safety and environmental protection
  •        to the identification and assessment of environmental aspects, risks, develop and implement measures to reduce them
  •        develop the entire staff initiative to participate in the work of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment
  •       conduct training and professional improvement of personnel and their assessment of the knowledge
  •       to assess and evaluate the quality of provided services, maintain close coordination with Customers
  •       continuously learn, apply the best technology in the workplace, to motivate staff to gain knowledge and self-improvement
  •       every day and every hour of our activities should serve the purpose of workforce capacity and Development of the Company


Jarlikaganov Timur Sainovych

February 1st, 2012

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