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Main objective of QHSE-Akbarys Company is providing safety and environmental protection to our customers and employees.

QHSE-Akbarys Company is strained after significant aspects improvement HSE and providing services, equipment in all industries areas.

In 2011 Company has implemented international standards OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

We successfully conducting business according to above standards, international oilfield recognized standards and regulations.

We will continue working towards the goal “work without any injuries” goal, during the past 4 years (2008-2011) we have made significant performance working without Lost Time Injury.

We will continue to refresh and improve our approaches through initiatives such as our HSE Managements System and the conducting business in accordance with OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 for managing our critical safety processes.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Achieving our vision of, ‘work without any injuries,’ requires setting high expectations and then implementing the actions to make them reality. These expectations are enshrined in our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy which is the foundation of our entire management framework, which drives how we work across the organization.

At the core of our approach is our commitment to continuous improvement; the ongoing process of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving that drives us to our vision. Ultimately, we believe that:

  • all incidents can be prevented

no task is so important that risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is justified, and effective HSE management translates into superior operational and commercial performance.

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