Manyard ME86
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Jambakov Anvar

Sales manager


Manyard ME86


Stretchable shock-absorbing lanyard,

for reduced tripping hazards

Light and stretchable, the Miller Manyard® moves with you.
Unsurpassed on the market, it offers :
No tripping or snagging
• A UNIQUE stretchable design for greater
manoeuvrability and safety.
• When contracted, it greatly reduces the risks of tripping,
snagging and dragging.

• A safety clip that straps on to the harness to hold the

Manyard® when not in use, thus limiting tripping risks.
Reduces fall arrest forces
• Special woven shock-absorbing inner core which reduces
fall arrest forces.
• Heavy-duty tubular outer jacket which serves as a backup
lanyard and also as a protective sleeve.
Improves safety
• Unique warning flag which provides visual proof that a
lanyard has been involved in a fall and should be
removed from service.

• Reliable visual inspection. The integral red core becomes
visible if the outer jacket is damaged or worn, and unfit
for service.
Improved durability
The TEFLON®* hi-tech protective finish on the outer
tubular jacket prolongs the service life of the Miller
Manyard®. The Miller Manyard® unique warning flag.
The products are CE-certified and conform to
EN 354 and EN 355

ME86 – Manyard® complete
with 63mm scaffold hook
and galvanised connector

Art. No.             Length
10 053 25          2.0m