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Jambakov Anvar

Sales manager


ClearFlow 2


Product Use The Clearflow 2 compressed air filter range has been developed by Sperian to deliver high quality breathable air to a range of supplied air respirator systems.Air is taken from the factory compressed air system and particulates, bulk oil and water are removed by the coalescing filter.Where the removal of oil vapour and odour is necessary the use of a carbon adsorber filter is required.The Cleaflow 2 range is available in wall mounted and portable stand versions. The P/N 1016960 corresponds to a wall mounted system equiped with 1 regulator + 1 coalescing filter + 2 CEJN outlets connectors. Capacity is up to 1,600 l/min, depending upon the user’s compressor and the limitations imposed by the design and operation of his compressed air system and network. Long runs of small diameter pipework will restrict the airflow before it reaches the Clearflow 2 assembly. In correct conditions, Clearflow is able to supply breathable air for up to four operators using supplied air respirators, or up to two operators using respirators in combination with auxiliary tools such as hand held paint spraying equipment. WARNING: Clearflow 2 filter systems do not remove CO or CO2. Feature New one-piece body design Benefit Very robust but lightweight aluminum body – removes the need for the use of vulnerable ‘filter bowls’ and auxiliary parts Feature New design shields fluid drains Benefit External drains are protected from damage by a moulded skirt – eliminates costly repairs & unexpected downtime Feature Modular design with ‘Cliplok’ system Benefit Component parts are attached to the wall, and to each other, by a system of hand operated clips. No tools are required to configure/reconfigure the system Feature High flow system (up to 1,600 l/min, depending upon user’s compressor and the limitations imposed by his compressed air system/network). Benefit More air flow than before – future-proof for any increase in demand by HVLP spray guns Feature High efficiency coalescing filter Benefit Filtering down to 0.01 micron Typical efficiency = 99.97% (0.3 to 0.6 micron) Feature Simple and direct servicing (one handed operation) Benefit No tools are required to replace internal filter elements Positive ‘bayonet’ system to ensure correct and safe fitting Feature Differential pressure indicator (coalescing filter stage) Benefit Pop up indicator tells the user when it is time to change the filter, no risk of bad value judgments Feature High quality regulator Benefit Rolling diaphragm/balanced valve/relieving type (8 bar) Feature Complete with isolating valve Benefit Ensures that flow can be stopped locally for safe and efficient servicing Feature Two QR outlets Benefit Configured for use by two men working with respirators and spray guns. Can be doubled up as usual Feature No small or easily lost parts Benefit Reduced risk of problems and unexpected downtime Feature Tamper-proof accessories (for use with padlocks) Benefit For greater safety it is possible to fully lock down the system so that its flow can not be changed, or closed off, by another worker Compressed Airline Infiltration System Filter High efficiency coalescing filter filtering down to 0.01 micron Typical efficiency = 99.97% (0.3 to 0.6 micron) Supply Pressure Up to 10 bars Material Aluminum bodied filter stages/regulators complete with some plastic and brass components Quality Assurance ISO 9001 / 2000