Airvisor 2
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Jambakov Anvar

Sales manager


Airvisor 2


The Honeywell Airvisor 2 is an air-supplied, visor respirator styled and developed to offer the very best in protection, comfort and quality.
• Designed to protect not only the wearer’s breathing but also the eyes and face in the most demanding work environments.
• Protects against gases, vapours, dust, mist and fumes including isocyanates.
• Belt-mounted filter system with filter change indicator.
• Large visor for good visibility in a choice of acetate for the chemical industry and paint spraying or polycarbonate for general industry and impact resistance.
Approved to EN 14594 Class 4A.
Nominal Protection Factor Class 2 – 100.
Assigned Protection Factor 40.
Product Use :
For use in paint spray operations, e.g. automotive (especially isocyanate paints), furniture etc., also for use in the general chemical industry.
Specifically for use where the operator must (or prefers to) use a single air hose to supply both the respirator and the spraygun.
In this case the waistbelt/regulator unit ensures that the flow of air to the visor is consistent, irrespective of the air being drawn off by the triggering of the spraygun. Therefore ensuring that sufficient air reaches the user.
Feature :
The waistbelt contains a speacial rolling diaphragm regulator which controls the flow of air at a constant rate, independent of variations in factory airline supply pressure.
Benefit :
Airflow is maintained above 180 l/min for maximum comfort, security and safety.
Feature :
The waistbelt contains a carbon filter element which removes any odours from the air which is delivered to the user.
Benefit :
Comfort and pleasure in use.
Feature :
In this system the waistbelt is specially adapted with a quick release auxiliary outlet. A spraygun hose is supplied which makes it highly suitable for use in the automotive industry.
Benefit :
Single supply line operation offers stability of flow to the visor even when paint spraying (operation of the spraygun). Only one hose on the ground behind the user so less risk of trips and falls. Greater overall safety.