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Jambakov Anvar

Sales manager


Airvisor 2


Product Use

For use in paint spray operations, e.g. automotive (especially isocyanides paints), furniture etc., also for use in the general chemical industry. Specifically for use where the operator must (or prefers to) use a single air hose to supply both the respirator and the spray gun. In this case the waistbelt/regulator unit ensures that the flow of air to the visor is consistent, irrespective of the air being drawn off by the triggering of the spray gun. Therefore ensuring that sufficient air reaches the user.
Stylish and lightweight headpiece featuring separate visor and face seal units, these can be changed independently of each other giving greater flexibility in use and lower running costs. Specially designed air tube and diffuser manages the airflow inside the visor. Acetate visor specially designed for use in chemical and paint spray areas, it will not easily degrade in use and its strength will not be impaired. Disposable visor covers are available to protect the main visor from damage and maintaining good vision – giving lower running costs. Waistbelt regulator unit: Contains a special rolling diaphragm unit to give an absolute control of the air flow to the visor irrespective of the operation of the spray gun, or fluctuations in the supply pressure from the factory airline system – nominal airflow is 180 l/min. Contains an activated charcoal element to remove any odours from the factory airline system. Simple to use QD connectors for ease of operation, no tools are required to connect/disconnect the components of the system. An air tool take-off point and spray gun hose are supplied within the standard specification.
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